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Message from our Chairman 2nd May 2020



Dear Members of the Ross Harriers, Supporters and Followers,
May 2020 has come and so we find ourselves in our 200th season. I hope you all are keeping well and are managing despite the challenges thrown up by Covid-19.
Garry starts his second season as our Huntsman and is embarking on the usual programme of summer maintenance.  The horses have been put out to grass for the summer. Our 19 and 1/2 couple of entered hounds continue to be walked out. Dazzle's 2019 whelps will start work this season; Famous produced a litter of 5 whelps in March and Delia is due later in May  Unfortunately the major hound shows this summer have been cancelled. It remains to be see whether we can hold our own customary puppy show.
Rest assured that the Committee remains in regular and frequent contact by e-mail, telephone and virtual meeting and that we anticipate that some form of hunting or at the least hound and horse exercise will be available by autumn.
I know money is tight for many people at the moment but I must remind people that, as we are now in a new season, subscriptions are now again due.  It has been decided again to freeze subs for the year in recognition of the economic climate; although this means that in real terms our income is falling when set against the inflation of prices over the last few years.  
I commend the fund raising efforts of the Supporters Club and others who are organising events such as auctions and raffles.  The odd few pounds from everyone really does add up and partially compensates us for the loss of typical summer fundraising events such as fun rides.  
The Hunt has also managed to raise several hundred pounds for the Air Ambulance over the last season and the Supporters' Club will be arranging to send this to them in the near future.  The Health Services need every penny at the moment.
Let us look forward to the resumption of normal life and the opportunity to go out with hounds together whenever that comes to pass.  In the meantime, as friends and neighbours, let us look after each other and anyone who is elderly, vulnerable or lives alone.
With best wishes
Chairman/Acting Master

The Ross Harriers Hunt Events



Point to Point


Monmouth Showground, NP25 3LX .

6 race card

First race at 2pm

entry £10 per person

under 16s free


photo credit Alun Sedgmore (Sporting Prints)