About Us

Traditionally known as 'The Ross', The Ross Harriers Hunt was formed around 1820. William Cobbett, during one of his ‘rural rides’ had a day with them in 1821. Today the hounds are traditional stud-book harriers, around twenty-one inches in height. As well as their own, there is Dunston, Holcombe and High Peak and Waveney bloodlines. From May 2021, the lack is made up of mainly bitches. The Ross have shown successfully at Peterborough and Honiton Hound Shows.


The Ross Harriers Hunt has its own registered country, stretching from Hay on Wye in the north, Huntley in the south and from Monmouth in the west to Trumpet in the east. The hunt boundary which overlaps the Welsh border is dissected by the River Wye. It takes in all of the South Herefordshire hunt country as well as parts of the Golden Valley, Cotswold Vale Farmers’, Ledbury and Monmouthshire foxhound countries.


The point-to-point that used to be held in February, has not run since 2019.


The Ross Harriers are a small, friendly pack who welcome new comers to come and hunt with them. There is a very active Supporters Club who arrange a large variety of fund raising events throughout the year.






2021/22 Hunting Season

An Open Letter from the Masters
Dear Subscribers, Supporters and Friends,
1 May is traditionally the start of the new Hunting Season and this year it has been even more of a new start.
After 40 years at Coughton, the Harriers have moved kennels to the Ryeford Chase kennels just the other side of the hill.  We are very grateful to both our old and new landlords for their generosity and understanding towards us both in the past and into the future.  We are also very pleased to announce that the Leadon Vale Basset Hounds have relocated alongside us, so the close friendship and cooperation between the two packs (and their staff) can continue.
The key staff this year have also seen some change-overs.  We said goodbye to Garry in Jan and Miriam stepped up as acting Kennel Huntsman for the remainder of the 2020/21season.  Miriam has (unsurprisingly) been a success and therefore the Committee have appointed her as Amateur KH for the 2021/22 season.  Her promotion has meant vacancies for whippers-in and both James and Molly have stepped into the breach and shown their enthusiasm and dedication to the cause.  Finally, Daryl has formally joined the Mastership alongside Harry who continues into his 3rd season.
Summer is the time of shows in the hunting world.  We are intending to show hounds this year at Peterborough and Honiton, to parade them at the Ragley Hall Game Fair and to hold a Puppy Show jointly with the LVBH on 18 Jul 21 (save the date - more details to follow soon).
Soon it will be August and the cycle of Hound Exercise and Autumn Hound Training will commence in earnest leading up to the formal start of the season on 1 Oct 21.  The latest subscription rates have recently been uploaded to the website.  We encourage you to pay promptly, since work and outgoings at kennels continue over the summer period even though hunting does not.  If you are nice to the Treasurer he may allow you to pay by instalments thus lessening the blow for you and helping our monthly cashflow at the same time!
Please note that you are required to have liability insurance for yourself, your horse and third parties when participating in Hunt activities.  It is up to you how you do this, but remember that a certain amount of insurance cover is included in membership of the Countryside Alliance - which we recommend to you.
Finally, thank you to everyone who has kept the Ross Harriers going through the various adversities of the last year, we hope that 2021 (our 201st season) will be a healthy and happy one.  
Yours ever,

Harry and Daryl

Subscriptions 2021/22
You will be pleased to see that the committee have decided to reduce hunt subscriptions and caps for the coming season:
£450 Full mounted compounded
£360 Full mounted non-compounded (plus £15 field money)
£720 Couple full mounted compounded
£270 10 day mounted compounded 
£60 Under 18 full mounted compounded
£200 18-21 full mounted compounded
£60 Foot followers
£30 day cap (from 1 Oct)
£15 autumn hunting cap
If it would help, arrangements can be made with the Treasurer to pay by instalments; however, until the necessary minimum number of payments has been made, this could affect your right to vote at an AGM or EGM.
Paying by instalments actually helps our cash flow for dealing with monthly bills such as biscuit and bedding.
Under our constitution, the committee has the right to refuse membership to anyone without giving reasons for refusal.