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All of our country is shared with Foxhound packs;the majority with the South Hereford, where the gently undulating light sandy ground is mostly to corn and oil seed rape. The north-western fringes, which stretch into the Black Mountains and border on Golden Valley country, are more hilly, with small enclosures of grassland most suited to sheep. The country is also shared with the Monmouthshire, the Cotswold Vale and the Ledbury where the ground changes to a much heavier clay. Obstacles are mostly hedges and hunt jumps but for those just wanting to watch hounds work it is quite possible to get around the country without leaving the ground.


The Ross Harriers meet on Saturdays and extend a warm, friendly welcome to those that wish to join us whether mounted or on foot.


All or any references to the uses of the term 'hunt' or 'hunting', or any relation thereto used in the text should be interpreted strictly as meaning hunting within the law as defined under The Hunting Act 2004 and covering such activities as hound exercise and trail hunting.


The Fallen Stock Service is NO LONGER available. 



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Covid-19 Procedures
As we move into the Mounted Hound Exercise season (and hopefully beyond that into Autumn Hunting and Hunting proper) the Hunting Office has issued guidance to all registered hunts on compliance with Covid-19 law and guidelines.
  1. It is vital that all those planning to attend any Hunt activities register in advance with the Secretary. This applies to all followers whether mounted, on foot or in cars. It will allow us to control the numbers present and comply with the "track and trace" rules which require us to take names and contact details of attendees.
  2. Please check with the Secretary the appropriate clothing for the activity in advance. However well you know the traditions and customs, there may well be slight variations this year.
  3. Please do not attend any activities if you or a member of your household exhibits symptoms of Covid-19 in the period of 7 days before. Please let the Secretary know as soon as possible if you are cancelling since there may be someone else who is waiting for a space to come up.
  4. Please adhere to social distancing at Hunt activities. Please keep at least 2 metres away from those from outside your household or social bubble. Consider wearing a mask but also bear in mind that this might frighten horses, hounds or other attendees.
  5. Please do not share drinks or food-stuffs. Usually we all love to try each other's hip flask mixes but for the moment there is a clear risk of passing infection that must be avoided.
  6. If you are asked questions about Covid-19 compliance please refer the questioner to a committee member or other hunt official.
  7. As usual please comply with any directionsfrom a committee member or other hunt official.
Many thanks, keep safe, and I hope to see you all over the coming weeks.
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